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Teen Beach Movie

♪Baby, tell me, is this good for you?
♪'Cause for me, it's a dream come true
♪I think about you, boy, day and night
♪If this is wrong, I don't care if I'm right

♪'Cause I know one thing's for certain
♪Boy, I'm not hurting for inspiration
♪And I feel when we're together
♪It could be forever and ever and ever

♪I wanna be the ocean to your shore
♪Bring you comfort evermore
♪I wanna be the only thing you need
♪Be the oxygen you breathe

♪Baby, bring it all to me
♪And I will warm you like the sun
♪I always knew you were the one
♪I always knew you were the one

♪I wanna be the ocean to your shore
♪Bring you comfort evermore
♪I wanna be the only thing you need
♪Be the oxygen you breathe
♪Be the oxygen you breathe

♪'Cause one thing's for certain
♪Boy, I'm not hurting for inspiration
♪And I feel that when we're together
♪It could be forever and ever and ever

♪I wanna be the ocean to your shore
♪Bring you comfort evermore
♪I wanna be...

Brady: Best day ever!
Mack: (Giggles) Yeah, it was pretty awesome, huh?
Brady: Awesome? Surfing all day, us being together. Awesome wishes it was this awesome.
Mack: Yeah, it was perfect.
Brady: Yeah, it was.
Mack: Um, listen, Brady...
Brady: Ooh, did you hear about tomorrow?
Mack: Yeah! Can you believe they're talking about 40-foot waves?
Brady: There's a huge storm coming up from the north.
Mack: A surf like that only happens here once every 30 years.
Brady: Can you imagine dropping in on a barrel that huge? Summer's not over yet! Woo!
Mack: Come on, I'm starving.

Race you to the house!

I clearly won.

Mack: Yeah, yeah.
Brady: First thing tomorrow, we hit the beach and that awesome surf.
Mack: Brady, about tomorrow.

W-w-wait. Hear that?

No way!


Big Poppa:

Hey, what's up, bro?


I can't believe you're watching this without me.

Big Poppa:

Now that you're here, I'm not.


Please tell me this isn't...


Wet Side Story!

McKenzie Fox:

Yeah, that.


Ah, 1962, surfers, bikers.
Best movie ever made.


How can you two like this silliness? Especially you, grandpa.

Big Poppa:

Silliness? Mack, my dear, this movie defined an entire culture.



Big Poppa:



A surfer guy and a biker girl share a secret love, while trying to unite the rivalling gangs as an evil real estate mogul tries to turn their hangout into a resort by building a weather machine which blows up, creating a massive storm. Silliness? Really?


Well, can we watch it later? Because I really need to talk to you.


Just watch my favorite part when the two leads' eyes meet, and they're pulled apart by their rivalling gangs.


♪I'm not the kind to fall for a guy
♪Who flashes a smile
♪(It goes on for miles)
♪Don't usually swoon, but I'm over the moon
♪(He was just too cool for school)

♪Now I'm fallin' for ya


This is my favorite part right here.


Hey, get your salty surfer mitts off my baby sister.


Get your biker baby sister off our boarding buddy.


Oh, yeah?


Come on. They sing for no reason, they come out of the water and their hair is totally dry, the girls never surf as well as the boys, and they sing for no reason. I had to mention that one again, because even a second time, I don't get why.


But it's always summer, and everyone just sings and surfs.


But really, the surfing looks fake. They'd drown on a real wave. Seriously, they sing in the ocean, and never spit out water.


Well, aren't you going to give your Aunt Antoinette a hug?
Well, you are so... grown up. You look absolutely- unacceptable.




Not you, dear.
Tell him the offer is unacceptable.
It's good to see you, McKenzie.


What are you doing here? I thought you were coming tomorrow.


Well, you thought wrong. We are leaving tomorrow. I hope you've packed.


Mack, what does she mean by leaving tomorrow?


Uh, this is Brady.


Brady, I am McKenzie's Aunt. I'm sure she's told you all about me.


Mack, what does she mean by leaving tomorrow?

Big Poppa:

Antoinette, welcome home.


Oh, hello, father.

Big Poppa: You know it's always good to have... Have you back.

I see you're still making surboards. Oh, don't tell me. You still have that.

Mack: Still have it?

We all grew up with the legends about this board. It's part of the family.

Big Poppa: Me, your grandfather, and his father, we each found our destiny on it.
Antoinette There is only one way to "find" your destiny, McKenzie.

And that is to... Work hard for it.

Brady Okay. All right, Mack. What does she mean by leaving tomorrow?
Antoinette Brady, as of tomorrow, my niece will be attending the exclusive...

Overpriced, and did I mention exclusive, Dunwich Prepatory Academy.

Brady What?
Antoinette Back east.
Big Poppa Uh, Antoinette, we should talk about this, please.
Antoinette There is nothing to talk about.

This has always been the deal. Isn't that right, McKenzie?

Mack Sure.

It's just that, um... Tomorrow there are these extreme conditions I've been waiting my entire life to surf...


Surf? Oh, sweetheart. Your new life begins tomorrow. Your endless summer has... Come to an end.

Brady   I can't believe you didn't tell me.
Mack You don't know how hard I tried. I just...

I didn't know how.

Brady You're leaving? Just like that?

Why are they making you do this?

Mack They're not making me. It's my choice.
Brady So change your mind.
Mack There's not enough time. My flight leaves at noon tomorrow.
Brady How can you leave? This is your home. It's where your grandfather is.

It's where you surf, it's where I am.

Mack I was really lucky to get into this school, Brady.

My Aunt said it will pave the way to my future. I know you're upset, and I should've told you. I just... I didn't know how.

Brady Mack! Hey.

Stop! What was this deal your Aunt was talking about?


After we lost my mom, the deal I made with my Aunt was that I could stay here with my grandfather for the first part of high school. Then, when it was time to get serious, I would leave with my Aunt and go to this school, like she did.

Brady So she just shows up to take you away?

Aren't you happy here?


This is my mom's journal. "Most of all, I dream that my daughter becomes a great success. "That she isn't just pulled through life... "But marches through it... "Triumphantly".

Brady She sounds amazing.
Mack Yeah.

My mom wanted me to go to college, and make something of herself but. she had me, time passed, and... She never got to live out that dream.

Brady That's not your fault.
Mack No, I know it's not.

I also know that I can do what she never had a chance to.

Brady You don't have to be who your Aunt is.

Mack, you can be anything you want.

Mack Brady, I have to do this.
Brady What about us?
Mack How can there be an us after today?
Brady I'll wait for you.
Mack I know what it feels like to miss someone, Brady.

And I care about you too much to ever put you through that.

Brady So you're saying you care about me enough to break up with me?
Mack I don't want to, Brady, but what choice do I have?

Thanks... For the most awesome summer of my life. I wish it wasn't over.

Brady What's up?

How did you know I was gonna be here?


I knew you couldn't stay away from surf like this.


Brady, I'm glad you came... but I told you...


I just came to watch you surf, not to propose.


Okay. Check out what I'm about to do.

Big Poppa

Hey, bro.


You gotta see this. She's rippin' it.

Big Poppa

Yeah. I don't like the looks of this sky, Brady.


Yeah, check it out.

You're right. That doesn't look good. She's gotta get in. This looks bad. What is she doing?​​​

Big Poppa She's not paddling in. This isn't good.
Brady Mack! Come on. Don't do it.
Mack No, I have to.
Brady Don't do it. Mack! You okay?
Mack What are you doing here? Okay, What happened to the storm
Brady Come on, let's get your board. Let's go.
Mack What did you do?
Brady I tried to save you. This is the part where you tell meI'm your hero, and then you shower me with kisses.
Mack I didn't need saving. This is my last chance to ride that monster wave before I leave forever and instead, I end up here and... Brady...
Brady Yeah?
Mack Brady.
Brady ...Yeah?
Various Characters

 - What a day.

♪Sunshine and sweet harmonies.

♪Time to play.

♪No more...


♪From now on, just...

♪Good vibrations.

♪Ooh, oh, whoa, whoa!

♪Ooh, oh, whoa, whoa!


Mack Maybe we're dead. We've died and ended up in a musical!
Various Beach Characters

♪On my way, feeling fine.

♪I can see my reflection in my surfboard shine.

♪I can hardly wait to cause a commotion.

♪Come on, everyone, jump into the ocean.

♪Flyin' high, just out of reach, girl.

♪No ands, ifs, buts, we're nuts for the beach.

♪Surf, surf.

- Surf, surf crazy. - Surf, surf crazy.

♪Grab the perfect wave, say hi to the sky.

♪Hi to the sky.

♪Surf, sun and sand.

♪It's a bikini wonderland.

♪Summer's on and we've gone.

♪Surf surf crazy.

♪The radio blast and here's the plan.

♪We'll soak up the sun and get the ultimate tan.

♪We can hardly wait to show our devotion.

♪Here we go again into the ocean.

♪Now's the time so here's the speech.

♪No rules at all, have a ball at the beach.

♪Surf, surf, surf, surf crazy.

♪Surf, surf, surf, surf crazy.

♪Ride the perfect wave, say hi to the sky.

♪Surf, sun and sand, it's a bikini wonderland.

♪Summer's on and we've gone.

♪Surf, surf crazy.

Brady Mack, we're in the movie.
Mack What movie?
Brady My movie. Wet Side Story.
Mack What!? How? Why?
Brady All viable questions.
Mack What do we do?
Brady Have fun! Woo!
Various Beach Characters

♪Burgers hot, water warm, a cool seaside bash.

♪Catch a wave, turn it up.

♪Make a splash, make a splash.

Make a splash!


Tanner I'm Tanner!
Seacat Seacat!
Giggles Giggles!
Rascal Rascal!
Kiki Kiki!
Brady Brady!
Mack ....I'm Mack.
Various Beach Characters

♪Cowabunga attack!

♪Go, go!

♪Go, go!

- Surf, surf. - ♪Woo!

♪Surf, surf crazy.

♪Surf, surf, surf, surf crazy.

- Surf, surf. - ♪Woo!

♪Surf, surf crazy.

♪Surf, surf, surf, surf crazy.

♪Ride the perfect wave, say hi to the sky.

♪Say hi to the sky.

♪Surf, sun, sand, it's a bikini wonderland.

♪Summer's on and we've gone...

♪Summer's on and we've gone...

♪Summer's on and we've gone!

♪Surf, surf crazy.

Mack Well, that happened.

It's fantastic! Crazy, right?

Mack I'd say so.

Oh, that was awesome!

I mean...


Um... what up, dawg?

Seacat Far out. He thinks we're animals.

No, it's an expression. It means...

He's right, it does sound ridiculous.


And where are you cats from?


So cats is okay, but dogs is weird.

Brady Just follow my lead
Mack Is it leading us home?
Brady We're from, uh..
Brady Not far away.
Mack Far away.
Brady Far away.
Mack Not far away.
Brady Right, not far, but, um...
Mack But, but... far. Close... far.
Seacat Hey, Rascal.
Rascal Yeah, Seacat?
Seacat Seems to me that we've got some unwanted hodads...
Rascal Hodads!
Seacat That we need to put the kibosh..
Rascal Kibosh!
Brady No, no, you've got it all wrong.
Seacat We don't jelly... 
Rascal Jelly!
Seacat Roll to outsiders.
Brady This is Big Momma's, the restaurant where the surfers and bikers all hang.
Mack Bikers? What bikers?

Each gang wants the other one gone so the others can have it for themselves.

Here comes Butchy, the leader of the motorcycle gang, The Rodents.

Mack The Rodents?!

How cool is that?

Mack So we landed in the middle of a surf and turf war?
Butchy Soifers. Thought I smelled something fishy.
Seacat Rodents. I knew I shoulda laid some traps.
Giggles Thought you were exterminated.
Biker 1

And I thought you soifers was all washed up.

Butchy Yeah, because clearly, youse is drips.
Chee-Chee You should make like the ocean and wave good-bye. Because Butchy wants this place to himself
Biker 2 Yeah, Butchy wants this place all to himself.
Rascal Yeah, Butchy wants... Ooh.
Butchy They does not lie.

Sorry, but Big Momma's is a perfect hangout.

We want it all to ourselves...

Butchy I'm so very sorry, but that might not probably happen.

Excuse me. Excuse me, excuse me.

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.


Butchy I'll show ya what.
Brady Stand back
Mack Why?
Brady You'll see.
Various Bikers & Brady

♪You better run, run, run.

♪Here we come.

♪Revvin' our engines under the sun.

♪You're cruisin'...

♪For a bruisin'.

♪We're keeping it cool, smooth and steady.

♪Slicked-back hair, man, things are getting heavy.

♪You're cruisin'...

♪For a bruisin'.

♪Two wheels and an open road.

♪Wrapped in leather, ready to go.

♪Don't stop, stop the music.

♪We ride fast like a bullet.

♪We do anything we want, anytime we want, oh, yeah.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪We just ride, ride, ride all day.

♪We're not gonna live any other way.

♪Bubble gum, cherry pop, go to the hop.

♪Hangin' with my brother because his friends are so hot.

♪While they're cruisin'.

- For some bruisin'. - ♪All right.

♪I went to the drive-in, what did I see.

♪A hundred little betties all starin' at me.

♪I was cruisin'.

♪For some loving.

♪I got these two wheels and an open road.

♪Just pop that clutch, I'm ready to go.

♪Come on, don't stop, stop the music.

♪We ride fast like a bullet.

♪We do anything we want, anytime we want, oh, yeah.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪We just ride, ride, ride all day.

♪We're not gonna live any other way.

♪Oh, no, we're not gonna live any other way.

♪One, two, a-one, two, three.

♪A who, who, who's ridin' with me?

♪I got a gang full of bruisers all cruisin' with me.

♪We're tearing up, we're tearing up.

♪We're tearing up the streets.

♪Don't stop, stop the music.

♪We ride fast like a bullet.

♪We do anything we want anytime we want, oh, yeah.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪We just ride, ride, ride all day.

♪We're not gonna live any other way.

♪So don't stop, stop the music.

♪We ride fast like a bullet.

♪We do anything we want anytime we want, oh, yeah.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪We just ride, ride, ride all day.

♪We're not gonna live any other way.

♪No, we're not gonna live any other way.

♪Oh, no, we're not gonna live any other way.

Brady Woo! Oh.
Mack You just couldn't help yourself, could you?
Brady I've always wanted to be in that number.

Remember that movie with the robot who drank liquid from an abandoned spaceship,

turned into a Vampire middle school teacher who taught the entire school

to salsa dance, and then went on to win the regional championships?

Brady Yeah.
Mack That makes more sense than this.
Brady I have an idea. Hand me my cell.
Mack What year was this movie made?
Brady Uh, around 1960, and...
Mack And you're gonna do what with a cell phone that doesn't exist yet?
Brady Call my folks... who weren't born yet, right.
Mack Brady, my entire future depends on us getting out of here, like, now!
Brady Except maybe it would be fun to hang for a bit.
Mack Except no, it wouldn't, because I have to catch a plane in two hours. Well, two hours and 50 years.
Brady Fine. Maybe we need to figure out how we got here in order to know how to leave. So we came in on that storm, right? Maybe that has something to do with it.
Mack So we have to wait for a storm to get out of here?
Brady Yeah, but we're in luck, because there's a huge storm at the end of the movie.


What are we gonna do in the meantime?

Various Surfers

Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey... oh!


Oh, hey, we're having a shredder shindig tonight here at Big Momma's.

You should both make the scene.

Mack Yeah, but...
Brady Sounds blastin'!
Various Surfers Yeah! Hey, cowabunga! Woo!
Brady Radical! Woo!

We're stuck in another dimension, and your idea of a good use of time is to party?!

Well, not me.

This was... how am I wearing...

Where did these outfits come from?


From the magic of movies.

You look nice. Dude, your board.

Mack What? How did that get here?
Brady Come on, let's go.
Momma's Boys

♪Bop she bop, bop bop.

♪Bah, bah, boom, bah, bah, boom.

♪Bop she bop, bop bop.

♪Bah, bah, boom, bah, bah, boom.

Seacat Hey, Giggles, those hips are so seismic.
Giggles It ain't moving 'em that's the problem, Seacat. It's getting 'em to stop.
Momma's Boys

♪Bop she bop, bop bop.

♪Bah, bah, boom, bah, bah, boom.

Mack So this is a shindig.


And you're dressed for it. Let's roll.

Biker 1

So, boss, how we gonna get Big Momma's to be only a biker joint?

Butchy Shut up, I'm thinking.
Chee-Chee How long is that gonna take?

Great, now I gots two things to think about. Let's go.

We's not gonna let a bunch of waterlogged wash-outs spoil our very fine evening.

Chee-Chee Big Momma's is like a second home to me... if I had a first one.
Biker 1 I popped my first wheelie in here.
Butchy Hey, did you see that surfer dude eyeballin' you?
Chee-Chee Yeah, I saw him. I saw him, all right.
Lela Sodas for everyone.
Butchy Thanks, sis. Those surfers weren't bothering you, were they?

No, of course not. They're not so, bad.

Chee-Chee All surfers is bad.
Biker 2 Yeah, all surfers is bad.
Biker 1

Except for the ones that are very bad. 


They're even worse.

Lela Ooh, it's almost time. Let's go, let's go.
Rascal Hey, Big Momma, you sure know how to fry up a fish burger.
Big Momma If you can catch it, Big Momma can cook it! Ooh, shake a tail feather. 

Ha ha ha!

Oh, boy, I gotta cook.

Lela ♪The day started ordinary.
Brady Come on, let's dance.
Mack No. I'm sorry.

♪It was the same old story.

♪Too fresh or too shy.

♪I'm not the kind to fall for a guy.

♪Who flashes a smile.

♪That goes on for miles.

♪Don't usually swoon, but I'm over the moon.

♪'Cause he was just too cool for school.

♪And now I'm fallin' for him, fallin' for him.

♪Can't hold on any longer.

♪And now I'm fallin' for ya.

♪Feels like I tumbled from another world.

♪Into your arms and so secure.

♪Maybe I'll stumble, but I know for sure.

♪Head over heels, I'm gonna be your girl.

Mack Wait, wait, wait. I'm sorry, but I'm worried. 

I don't have time to wait around for the storm.

I'm gonna head back to the beach and try and figure a way out of here.


No, Mack, remember?

This is the part of the movie we saw at your grandfather's,

where the two leads get together.

Mack You enjoy it. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.
Brady Whoa, whoa!

♪And now, I'm fallin' for ya.

♪Fallin' for ya.

♪I know I shouldn't, but I...

♪I just can't stop myself from...

♪Fallin' for ya, fallin' for ya.

♪Can't hold on any longer.

♪And now, I'm falling for you.

You saved my life.


Not really.

The stage is, like, two feet up. The worst you would've done is broken a nail.


I guess I literally fell for you, huh?

I'm Lela.


I know.

I mean...

Yeah, you are. I mean...

I've dreamed about this since I was, like, in fifth grade.

Lela Who are you?
Brady Brady, Knight in shining board shorts.
Lela That's a really long last name.
Tanner Nice of you to drop in.

Um, sorry. I didn't see you.


Now that you do, do you like what you see?

Mack Sure. It's really nice to meet you. 

Excuse me for just one second.

Brady, can I have a moment? A really quick, important moment.

Brady Excuse me, Lela.


It was really great falling into you.

I hope we can do it again sometime.

Mack The mannequin with six rows of teeth just asked me out.
Brady Mack, something's not right.

We could write a list of things that aren't right,

starting with the fact that there are enough things to write a list.


Look around.

Nothing's happening. It's almost...

It's almost dull.

Okay. And?

Brady Okay, so when Lela sings that song about finding the perfect boy and being happy...

See, that's exactly my point.

Why does she need a boy to be happy?


Because it's 1962.

The thing is, after she sings that song,

it's Tanner who's supposed to catch her as he's walking by.

Mack Okay, what happens right after he catches her?
Brady They fall instantly in love, but are pulled apart, and a full-on dance war breaks out.

It's almost like nobody knows exactly what to do next.

Lela and Tanner were supposed to fall into each other's arms,

find love, and then are pulled apart by a turf war.

That's how the movie's written?

Brady But instead, they fell into our arms, and now, they're into us.
Mack And there's no turf war.
Brady Right.

So we changed the movie.

Brady We changed the movie.

We changed the movie!

Brady Yeah.
Mack Do you think it will affect anything?
Brady It affected who they fell for. Who knows what else it could affect.

Okay, okay...

Brady, you said that there's a storm at the end

of the movie that we can ride out of here on.


Yeah, three days after they meet.


I'm gonna ask you something, even though I know and,

I know you know, I don't wanna know.

Is there anything that happens in the next three days that could,

somehow affect that storm?

See. Didn't wanna know.

If you're looking for this to make sense, you're on the wrong beach.

Brady I'm looking to see if Les Camembert is building his diabolical weather machine.
Various characters:

How often do you hear that sentence?

Remember, I told you about the maniacal real estate developer?

Or that one.

Les Camembert knows this beachfront property will be gold someday.

So he tells Big Momma to sell it to him so he can build an overpriced resort.

She says no.

Of course she does, or there'd be no movie.

- It gets better. - I can't wait.

Let's just stop right here.

No way. It's the Camembert hideout.

Let's go. Come on.

This is it.

How do we get in?


You know, I've dreamed of a scheme like this every since I was a mere lad,

conning my school fellows out of their lunch money.

Lunch? How about takeout?

That's him.

He's all British and proper, but he's from Pittsburgh.

Who's that with him?

What are they building?

Desperate to get Big Momma's, Les Camembert hires a mad scientist,

Dr. Fusion, to carry out his diabolical idea.

Come on, come on.

What is that?

Les Camembert's diabolical weather altering machine.

Yes, yes, yes.


This thing's almost built. Shouldn't you be off book?

This machine will so drastically change the weather patterns,

it will literally still the oceans so there's no longer surf.

It'll create humidity so dense,

it'll rust every piece off of those shiny chrome machines.

The surfers will leave to find a new spot to surf,

the bikers won't come near this area ever again, and I shall triumph.

Triumph, I say!

You will have the last laugh.

Yes. I've always been rather wary of the last laugh.

What if it was only moderately funny?

- Ha ha ha. - Ha ha ha.

- Ha ha ha. - Ha ha ha.

Ha ha.

- Ha ha... - Hah!

And this thing never won an Oscar.

Mack. Wait, wait.

In the movie, Lela and Tanner discover Les' plan.

They unite the surfers and bikers,

and destroy the machine, which ends in an explosion.

That's what creates the storm.

So if Lela and Tanner don't get back together,

which would put the movie back on track the way it's supposed to play out...

The chain of events that create that storm won't happen.

And we'll be stuck here and never get home.

Don't worry.

We'll figure it out.

Butchy, it's cold. Give me your jacket.

Oh, thanks again, Brady, for catching me.

You know, these are...

Oh, bunkers. Are you two together?

I would never take another girl's boy.

I mean that would be stealing, and probably very hard to return.

Uh, no, we're not together.

I mean, we're together, but we're not... together.

Lela, this is McKenzie.

So you wouldn't mind if Brady took me for a walk on the beach?


Please. Beaches are meant to be walked on.

That's why they're called... beaches.

You guys are strange.

I like that.

Um, meet me by the water, Brady.

Oh, it is very nice to meet you.

I don't get it.

Okay, first, you break up with me,

but then, you throw me in the arms of someone else?

She's crushing on you.

I like you.

And until you go off to that school, I'm not gonna like anyone else but you.

The way I like you.

You're not seeing what's right in front of you.

You're right in front of me.

I can explain it to you, Brady, but I can't understand it for you.

So the way to get her to like him,

is for me to deflect her affections off of me and on to him.

I really hope so.

I'm gonna do the same with Tanner.

All right.

I'll be back as soon as I can get that smokin' girl to hate me.

- Hi. - Hi.

Um, do you mind if I join you?

Of course not. I'd wanna join me, too.

So, hey, I've never seen a chick quite like you.

Chick? Really?

Hold on while I lay some eggs.


No, that was, um...

Never mind. Thank you for the compliment.

It's nice.


So, Lela, how come you bikers don't get along with the surfers?

Well, it's always been like that.

We're not supposed to have a lot in common.

Plus, we both want Big Momma's.

Some of them seem pretty cool, like, um, that guy Tanner.

It was very courageous of you to charge the stage like that, and save my life.

Courageous? No, no, no.


I mean, I'm sure anyone would've done the same.

Even a surfer.

You're my hero.


I mean...

Listen, Lela...

It's amazing spending time with you, but it's not...

I'm not what you think.

So you play the guitar.

I know.

No, I mean...

Are you good?

I feel a little tired, but...

At playing guitar.

Well, sure, when something inspires me.

"If music be the food of love, play on".

Was that Shakespeare?

Huh? No, that was me.

Sometimes I talk low for effect.

Oh, well, it works.

Thanks. I can do... High...

Also, but chicks really dig low better.


You know, I dig you, Mack.

You're different than other girls around here.

Actually, no. I'm not different. I'm totally the same.

The same as what?

As everyone that isn't different.

You mind if I write a song for you?

Uh, yes.

What word rhymes with Mack?

Smack? That's a terrible song.

Really, Tanner, you only like me because you,

think that running into you was destiny, but...

Not our destiny, your destiny, with someone that you're meant to be with that isn't me.


Oh, good. A song anyway.

♪I believe we all have a soul mate.

♪The chance for a perfect duet.

♪I believe in hopeless devotion.

♪I just haven't found her yet.

♪But in my mind, I see.

♪The chick who is meant for me.

♪She'll be someone who is lovely.

♪Someone wonderful and true.

♪The kind of boy who makes you smile.

♪Even when you're feeling blue.

♪And I know, I know she's out there.

♪Most definitely.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪Not a phony or a fake.

♪Sweeter than a chocolate shake.

♪My meant to be.

♪When it's meant to be, you go kinda crazy.

♪Meant to be, you forget your name.

♪But it's meant to be, it's destiny calling.

♪And nothing ever will be the same.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪You meet a girl who's into music.

♪To ride up high on Cupid's wings.

♪Find that boy with perfect hair.

♪Hello, Hollywood ending with strings.

♪Oh, I know, I know she's out there.

♪Can't you see.

♪Oh, yeah.

♪Maybe you've already met the one you'll never forget.

♪Your meant to be.

♪When it's meant to be, the stars seem to glisten.

♪Meant to be, all the clouds depart.

♪When it's meant to be, that's destiny calling.

♪And if you listen, you'll find your heart.

♪Four eyes meet, and the meet is sweet.

♪Could it lead to something more?

♪What's the deal when the way you feel.

♪Is something you never felt before?

- Oh! - Gee.

- Um... - Plan B?

♪La la la, la la la-la.

♪La da-da da da.

♪La la la, da-da da.

♪La da-da da, la la la la.

♪La da-da da.

♪Da da-da da, la la la.

♪La la-la la, la la la.

♪When it's meant to be.

♪You go kind of crazy.

♪Meant to be, you forget your name.

♪When it's meant to be, it's destiny calling.

♪And nothing ever will be the same.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da da da da.

♪Da-da da, da-da da.

♪La da da.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da da, da-da da.

♪It's destiny calling.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da da da da.

♪Da-da da, da-da da.

Thinkin' that didn't go as well as we hoped.

Oh, no. It's your favorite movie. What do we do?

Uh, in the movie...

The next thing to happen is...

The biker girls all have a pajama party,

and the surfer guys all hang at Big Momma's.

Maybe we need to get ourselves invited.

All right, so I'll go this way, you go that way. Cool?

- Yeah. - Let's do it.

My bad. It's my favorite movie; I should know.

Brady, Lela!

You know what I have never done?

Eaten a rock, kissed a squirrel.

All exciting things, but no.

I've never had a pajama party.

We do them all the time. We're having one tonight.

- You don't say. - Sure, I do. I just did.

Tanner, what are you guys doing later?

Hangin' at Big Momma's. Wanna come?

- Sure. - Cool.

Girls tend to over complicate things.

Hey, Lela, you should totally invite Mack to your sleepover.

Oh, great idea. How about it, Mack?

I wouldn't miss it.

- Brady. - Whoa. You saw that, right?

If you did.

What's going on?

Well, Rash Guards didn't exist then, right?

So it doesn't belong here, and it disappeared.

Wait, we didn't belong here either, so what's gonna happen to us?

No! No music. Brady.

We have to get out of here. I have to get on a plane.

It's not me.

No, no, this is not a song!

- What are you doing? - I'm trying something new.

- You always have it the same. - No.

Come on. One time.

Just keep teasin', Struts.

Jiminy jeeps, Chee Chee. How high do you want me to go?

Until your ears pop.

Okay, but you better steer clear of ceiling fans.

And this time, make it even.

Last time, I kept tippin' over.

What do you think?

- Oh, my gosh. - Okay.

It's beautiful.

Should I wear this to go see Brady?

He loves to surf, and the water's blue, and this dress is blue...

So the next time he goes surfing, he'll see the blue water, and he'll think of me.

Oh, my gosh, I love it.

Why should a boy influence what you choose to wear?

Or anything you do?

Simple. A girl will look at your dress,

a boy will look at how you look in your dress.

What's the matter with lettin' a boy be in control of things?

It's your life.

You can decide what to do.

I decide to let boys decide.

To ask us out.

Why don't you just ask them out?

Has the spark come off your plugs?

Yeah, we don't ask anyone out.

We can do anything a guy can do.

I don't know where you're from, but around here,

you have to ask a boy out without asking him.

You know.

Like, with your eyes.

What's up?

It's wigged out. I keep missing.

- What are you trying to do? - It's this game I play.

Where I shoot stuff, and I try to hit that angry bird.

Wait a minute, angry...


So all you guys do around here is hang, eat and surf?

Is there any other way?

Sounds perfect.

Sure are some boo-ha beauties around here, like that girl Lela.

The rodent?

We don't date no rats.

You wouldn't take out a girl just because she's a biker?

The tide wouldn't take out a girl just because she's a biker.

Don't listen to those guys.

Doesn't matter if a girl's a surfer or a biker, or a bookworm.

What do you like?

Well, a girl's gotta have something special, ya know?

♪When you meet.

♪When you meet.

♪A girl you like.

♪A girl you like.

♪You should take.

♪You should take.

♪My advice.

♪My advice.

♪Girls like boys.

♪Girls like boys.

♪Like me.

♪Ooh-ooh ooh ooh.

♪Ooh-ooh ooh ooh.

♪Take the lead, she likes it when you're in control.

♪Let her breathe, chill out, and go with the flow.

♪Make all the plans, don't be impolite.

♪I know what girls, know what girls.

♪Yeah, I know what girls like.

♪A quick glance, bat your eyes and look away.

♪Take a chance, why not ask him on a date.

♪Pick up the check, no, bake him a pie.

♪I know what boys, know what boys...

♪Yeah, I know what boys like.

♪I know what girls like, you know what I mean.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

♪Hang with the guys.

♪Don't let her know how much you care.

♪Look in her eyes.

♪And tell her even if you're scared.

- You got it wrong. - No, I got it right.

♪I know what girls, know what girls...

♪Yeah, I know what girls like.

♪Stretch pants, cute sweater and sweet perfume.

♪Don't dress for him.

♪It's better when you dress for you.

- I keep it loose. - My outfit is tight.

♪I know what boys, know what boys...

♪Yeah, I know what boys like.

♪I know what girls like, you know what I mean.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

♪All the boys, they try to woo me.

♪The more they chase me, the more I resist.

♪All the girls, they think I'm groovy.

♪There's only one girl that's on my list.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

♪Ooh-ooh ooh ooh.

♪Ooh-ooh ooh ooh.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

♪I know what boys like, boys like girls like me.

♪I know what girls like, girls like boys like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

- Like me. - Like me.

What's up, Elvis?

Hey, frat boy. How'd last night go?

So cool being one of those guys, even for a night, ya know?

They look out for each other.

Well, I couldn't get Lela to talk about Tanner.

I don't think we're any closer than we were before.

Not really, no.

What if we can't get them together?

We could be stuck here forever.

- Would it be so bad? - Yes.

Every minute that I'm here,

is another minute that I'm not doing what my mom wanted.

Every minute that we're here, we're together.

I know but...

Besides, when will we get another chance to be in a movie?

Like, actually in a movie?

Come on, Mack.

What's your hurry to grow up and leave?

Everyone's counting on me to.

Do you really want to?

- I thought you understood. - I do.

Then help me get home.


Maybe we just need to get Lela and Tanner to spend

more time with each other without peer pressure.

Right, so they get to know each other as people, and not just rivals.


How are we gonna do that?

I don't know, but I'm not gonna stop until I figure it out.

Seacat, look!


Whoa ho, Wahini!



I've never been beaten on the waves before, especially not by a girl.

I think that girls can do anything guys can do.

If I was gonna think something right now, I think...

I think that people aren't always what I think.

Does that go for bikers, too?

The truth is, bikers aren't that bad.

They want the same thing we want.

We just want it better.

So why all the conflict between you?

I don't know.

It's sort of what everyone expects.

Like, it's the way it's always been, I guess.

It's, like, your heart's telling you one thing but...

You feel like you have to do something else.

Yeah. I feel like, it's just the "something else" that always gets in the way.

You're a pretty smart guy.

Yeah, but more pretty.

I know this electronic stuff can be really complicated.

Oh, come here.

Come here, come here, come here, come here.

- Uh... - Sit.

- Really, Lela, it's fine. - No, we're just gonna try it.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just... homesick.

Oh, no, is it the decor?

Oh, no, no, I'm not sick of your home, I'm just...

How are things with you and Brady?


I guess.

How are things with you and Tanner?

Good, I guess.

You know, sometimes...

I think that boys don't tell us what they're thinking

just because telling us would involve more thinking.

But they make up for it by being cute...

And boys.

Hey, that's a really pretty necklace.

It's Hawaiian.

It means friendship forever.

Like us now.

You're not at all what I thought you'd be.


I'm not as much like me as people think.

You know, it's funny. I feel like I could tell you anything.

Yeah, I know, it does feel like that, doesn't it?

I have a secret I've never told anybody.

Well, you can tell me if you want. I mean, friendship forever, right?

Okay. Okay.

- Ready? - Mm hmm.

I wanna surf.



I mean, like a pro. It's absolutely insane, I know.

And if my brother ever found out, he would blow a gasket.

Plus, no girls ever surfed like a boy before, I mean, until you, but that's...

That's what I wanna do.

It's crazy, huh?


Never let anyone tell you what you can and can't do in life.


How do I do that?

It's not always easy, believe me, but...


You think I should surf?

You definitely should surf.

Know what? Brady would even teach you.

I mean, he taught me everything I know, and I'm a pretty great surfer, right?

You really think he would do that?

Yeah. It's a perfect plan. I'll set it up.

- Okay! Woo! - Okay.

Hey, Tanner, so you know what I would love?

A walk on the beach in that direction.

Now. As in, the walk in that direction now.


I made this for you.

You made that for me? Really?

There are like, over

indigenous to this region which would look...

So rad on a foxy babe like you.


That's beautiful.

So, how about that walk?

Is it ready to be tested, Doctor?


This machine will create enough humidity to cause excessive precipitation.

Inducing torrential rains.

As well as lots of frizzy hair and stinky pits.

Good. The more "hoomidity," the better.

- Humidity. - Hmm?

- Hu. - Hmm?

- Hu. - Hmm?

- Hu. - What about me?

- Not hoo, hu. - Me what?

- You said hoo. - No, you said hu.

No, it's not hu, it's hoo.

Yes, I know it's me. Why would I not know who I am?

Now, we just flip this switch.


There, that's better. It was getting dark in here.

Now, we just flip this switch, ever so delicately...

To protect the intricate inner workings of the machine, and...


Uh, Tanner! Hi.

Um, so I gotta go talk to Brady, but how about we meet in a few minutes?

Oh, yeah, sure.



You're a wizard of weather.

A jet stream genius rising to the occasion under intense barometric pressure.

- Oh, go on. - Your mother must be so proud.

I'm just like her, you know. I even have her eyes.

Of course, I let her keep the rest of her face.

We've only got one mother.

So, now that we've temporarily caused these changes in the weather,

how do we make them permanent so we can get rid of these bikers and surfers for good?

We need to magnify the power.


Lime soda.

- Strawberry soda? - Plutonium.

In two hours' time...

This liquid will turn green,

and reach a boiling point of 647 degrees.

Or as we scientists like to call it, wow, that's hot!


All right, meanwhile, let's go see the effect it's had on the water.

- After you. - After you.

- No, after you. - No, after you.

Brady, did you see that?

Yeah, and it's the final warning before the big storm.

Les' plan is working.

Okay. Okay, we need to get back into the lighthouse to try and stop him.

But we need the element of surprise.

Do you think we can get into it from the water?


Mack, you okay?

- Hair. - Hair?

Hair, hair!

- Your hair isn't wet. - Hair isn't wet.

- What does that mean? - It means that my hair isn't wet.

- And that means? - We're morphing.

Changing, Brady. We're morphing into the movie.

- We're changing? - We're changing.

♪What are we gonna do?

You're singing.

♪I'm singing.

Why are you singing?

♪I don't know, I suddenly just...

Broke into song.

We're part of an involuntary musical number.


- Stop. - I can't stop.

- Stop! - I can't stop.

This isn't good. First, the Rash Guard vanishes.

Then your hair.

Now this.

♪What's going on?

♪This can't be happening.

- Don't tell me it's a song. - It's a song.

♪This wasn't how I planned it.

♪Can't you see that this has gone too far?

♪Please just pause the DVR.

♪Someone, won't you make it stop?

♪I'm losin' my mind.

♪I don't see your problem.

♪Everything I say, it rhymes.

♪Here comes another line.

♪Just close your eyes if you don't wanna see.

♪What's this choreography?

♪Someone, won't you make it stop?


♪I can't stop singing.

♪Make it stop, make it stop.

♪Am I real or just a prop?


♪I can't stop singing.

♪So let's just talk.

♪Talk, talk.

♪It's just a song.

♪An inefficient way to move the story along.

♪I'm done.

♪You're just being cynical.

♪No, it's just the principle.

♪Someone, won't you make it, make it stop?

Don't make it stop.


♪I can't stop singing.

♪Make it stop, make it stop.

♪Am I real or just a prop?


♪I can't stop singing.

♪So let's just talk.

- Talk, talk. - Talk, talk.

- Talk. - Talk.

♪Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

♪We're trapped inside a musical revue.

♪At least I'm here with you.

♪I don't wanna make it stop.


♪I can't stop singing.

♪Make it stop, make it stop.

♪Am I real or just a prop?


♪I can't stop singing.

♪Does it stop, does it stop?

♪Is it ever gonna stop?


♪I can't stop singing.

♪So let's just talk.


Okay, okay, has it stopped?

- Uh-huh. - Okay.

Let's go find Lela and Tanner.

- All right. - Come on!

- Oh, hey. - Oh.

- Are you waiting for Mack? - Yeah.

- You waiting for Brady? - Yeah.

All right.

So, we gotta get Lela and Tanner together.

We have to make them find out about Les' machine,

and have them destroy it before it destroys them.

Oh, no! We're talking in plot points.

Going somewhere?

Let's go.

You're not going anywhere.

I know karate.

And, like, two other Japanese words.

- Brady! - Ah!




Brady? Brady!

Oh, he's fine. It was only on stun.



In the movie, that looked like it would hurt a whole lot less.


We're gonna surf.

- What? You like to surf? - I know.

It's like riding a cloud, except the cloud is water.

No way! I said the same thing, except not right now.

I know that bikers aren't supposed to like surfing, but I don't care.

Oh, my gosh.

- I don't care. - You don't?

- Hey, you know what? - No, I don't know that either.

I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle.

- Are you serious? - No, I'm Tanner.

I grew up riding.

Is that why you're stunning as a moon, lighteth up a day.

Who said that?

I just did.

Wow. I really like your low voice.


- I can do ♪high, too. - Yeah.

You know, who would've thought that a biker and a surfer could have so much in common?

- Not me. - Stop.

- Okay, I'll stop. - Okay, I'll stop.

Did you ever think that maybe...

The person you thought was perfect for you isn't as perfect for you as,

the perfect person for you?

You mean...

- You? - And...


♪Oh, I know, I know he's out there.

♪Most definitely.

♪Most definitely.

♪Maybe you've already met.

♪The one you'll never forget.

♪Your meant to be.

♪Your meant to be.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪Da-da da da.


♪La da-da la la la.

♪La da-da, la da-da.


♪La da-da la la la.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪When it's meant to be, you go kinda crazy.

♪Meant to be, you forget your name.

♪When it's meant to be, it's destiny calling.

♪And nothing ever will be the same.

♪La da-da la la la.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da la la la.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪Da-da da da.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da la la la.

♪La da-da, la da-da.

♪La da-da la la la.

Wait. What are we going to tell Mack and Brady?

Yeah. Where are they, anyway?

I gave this to Mack. She was wearing it.

- Then why did she take it off? - Something's not right.

We need to get help.

In mere moments, less time than it takes for me to steal this scene...

This machine will change the weather patterns,

I shall take possession of Big Momma's...

Big Momma's.

And all your friends will disappear forever, or longer.

Yeah well, there's one flaw to your plan.

Oh, really?

And what might that be?

I don't know. Isn't there always one flaw with these kinds of plans?

Well, I'm off to measure the beach for a resort parking lot.

Everyone listen.

Les Camembert wants to destroy us.

He's built a weather...

A weather machine that will stop the tide.

- And rust all of our bikes. - Just to get rid of us.

Plus, he has Mack and Brady held captive in a secret location.

We don't know where it is because it's...

- A secret! - Oh, Lordy!

- We need your help. - Us or them?

- Us. - I think she meant us.

I mean all of us.

Our only hope is to work together, free our friends,

and destroy that weather machine before it destroys our world.

Why should we do anything with them?

We didn't wanna do anything with you first.

- Together, we can help each other. - Why should we listen to you?

I never thought I'd have anything in common with a biker.

That is...

Until I took a ride with one.

In fact, all that fighting ever did for us was stop us from seeing...

What we all have in common.

Big Momma's, the beach, and...


I love you, sis.

Now let's do this...

- Together. - Together!


Could be worse.

At least my favorite movie wasn't Tarantulas On A Train.

Okay, you've lost it.

If we hadn't have come here...

I'd be on the plane right now, heading to some...

Private school to become something that...

I really don't wanna be.

You don't, do you?

I've spent this entire movie telling Lela,

to follow her heart and do what she loves.

And she did.

She's more courageous than I am.

That's not true.

You're braver than anyone I know.

So you're glad we came.

I couldn't be more glad.

It's, like, I'm tied up, but at the same time...

I've never felt more free.

You were right.

What's the hurry to grow up?

When I could be stuck in 1962 with you.

♪When it's meant to be.

♪The stars seem to glisten.

♪Meant to be, all the clouds depart.

♪Meant to be, all the clouds depart.

♪When it's meant to be.

♪It's destiny calling.

♪And if you listen, you'll find your heart.

♪And if you listen, you'll find your heart.

We only have one loose screw left, and then, we'll be ready to change the world!

Do you really wanna do this?

Ruin the lives of all these people?

Just because you can magnify the power of nuclear plutonium by 647 degrees,

doesn't mean you have to.


What? It's not like I never paid attention while you watched the movie.

How did you know that? Who are you?

We're from the future, and you're not real.

You're just a villain in a movie we got stuck in somehow.



I'm nothing but a...

A flicker on a silver screen?

Yeah, pretty much.

Bad news, bad news, bad news!

The surfers and the bikers have united together

in order to destroy us and save you two.

How's that bad news?

Bad news for you.

Really? Doctor.


It's time.

The machine, man!

Look, a ray. That must be where they are.

I gotta be honest with you.

I'm not big on lighthouses. It's kind of a thing.

For some people, it's snakes, for some people, it's heights.

For me, it's lighthouses.

Oh, you can do this. We're all with you.

What do ya say?

Whoa! My fear is gone.

Let's go!

- Lela. - Tanner.

- Mack. - Brady.


We are here to save you.

♪Surf surf crazy.

- Surf, surf crazy. - Surf, surf crazy.

♪Ooh-ooh ooh ooh.

♪Surf surf crazy.

Oh, no.


No! No!


Look at that, Brady. They got together all by themselves.

We're here to save you.

Oh, yeah!


♪Surf, surf!

♪Surf surf crazy.

♪Surf surf crazy.

♪Grab the perfect wave, say hi to the sky.

♪Hi to the sky.

♪Surf, sun and sand.


♪Cruisin' for a bruisin'.


We can't break this thing apart.

Wait. This motor isn't much different than a four stroke, 500cc,

flat twin, air-cooled wankel with shaft final and rear wheel drive!

The kind you guys refurbish all the time.

She's right, but it's too hard to get to without taking the whole thing apart,

especially with these sausage fingers.

Not for me, it isn't.

♪Cowabunga attack!

- Ah! - Lela, watch out!

Look out. This whole thing's gonna blow. Let's get outta here.

♪Surf, surf!

♪Surf surf crazy.

I can't even imagine a scenario where this works out well for us.


♪Surf surf crazy.


I'm not sure I like the way this movie ends.

Movie? What movie?

Glad you asked. It seems we're all in this movie, and we're the villains.


Tell me more.

What is this?

How did... how did we get back here?

It's exactly where we're supposed to be.

- The movie's back on track. - Yeah.

We can leave.

- There they are! - You did it.

Of course! Because girls can do anything boys can do.

We gotta get back home.


No. Stay. You'll love it here. It's always just like this.



Where we're going, it's perfect, too.

I'm gonna make sure of it.

Hey, you guys saved Big Momma's.

And for that, we are, to you, gratefully grateful.

Ever since you guys got here, it's been, like, it's been a different world.

It's not just because of us.


Friendship forever.

- Forever. - Yeah.

Come here.


Sure you're ready?


Let's go.

Surf's up!

- That's the one. - Yeah. You ready?

- Absolutely. Let's go. - Yeah.

Go, go, go, go!

You okay?

Wet, wet!

- What? - Not what, wet. My hair is wet.

Your hair is wet.

It's a wet, beautiful, stringy mop.

And look, no time has passed. It's exactly as we left.

We did it.

Now you have the chance to surf one of the biggest waves to ever hit this beach.

And I promise, I won't try and save you.

Hey, if I needed saving, I'd want it to be you.

Go shred that wave.




That was outstanding.

Thanks, grandpa.


Do you know what you've done?

We are late for our flight, late for registration, totally off schedule, and...

Aunt Antoinette, I love you.

And mom would be so happy that you care so much.

But I think you've been wrong.

I mean, my mom...

Wouldn't want me to be successful like you, she'd...

Want me to be happy doing what I love, like you are, doing what you love.

But it's not what I love.

I'm trying to read between the lines.

I wanna stay here for high school.

I wanna be with Brady. I wanna surf more.

And later, I don't know what.

But the thing is...

I don't have to know.

And when I do decide.

It'll be my choice.