Mackela (Mack and L/ela) is the romantic/friendship pairing for Mack and Lela.

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Friendship Forever
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Mack and Lela



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Maia Mitchell and Grace Phipps

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Mack and Lela share a very close friendship. Lela sees Mack as a role model and wants to be like her. Mack wants Lela to be happy no matter what and often gives her advice. 


Teen Beach Movie

  • Lela asks Mack if she and Brady are together
  • Lela tells Mack it was very nice to meet her
  • Lela invites Mack to her sleepover
  • Mack tells Lela that a guy doesn't have to influence anything she does
  • They sing together during the song Like Me
  • Lela tells Mack that electronics can be really complicated
  • Mack and Lela ask each other about things with Brady and Tanner
  • Mack notices the emblem on Lela's necklace and says it is really pretty
  • Lela explains that the emblem means 'friendship forever' kind of like them
  • Lela feels like she can tell Mack anything
  • Lela tells Mack that she wants to surf
  • Mack says Lela should definitely surf
  • Lela hugs Mack
  • Mack tells Brady about how courageous Lela is
  • Lela saves Mack from the lighthouse
  • Lela wants Mack to stay with her
  • Lela gives Mack her necklace
  • They hug

Teen Beach 2

  • Lela wants to go to Mack's world because she wants to be like her
  • They hug after they are reunited
  • Mack tells Lela that technology can be really complicated
  • Lela tries on Mack's clothes
  • Mack takes Lela to school with her
  • Mack tells Lela she was better off in her world where boys are simple and reliable
  • They hold hands
  • Mack tells Lela that the real world isn't all that great and that she had it good in her world because she has a boy who loves her
  • Lela tells Mack that she also has a boy who loves her, but she still wants more than that. Mack wants to live life to fullest, and Lela wants that too
  • Mack says being with the right person can make life more full
  • When Mack notices that Lela looks normal, she thinks she looks beautiful
  • They hold hands multiple times during Silver Screen
  • At the end of Silver Screen, Mack holds Lela close
  • When Lela thinks it's her fault that people are disappearing, Mack comforts her
  • They hold hands
  • Mack says that she and Lela will always be friends, even if they're in different worlds
  • They stand close together during Gotta Be Me
  • During Meant to Be Reprise 3, they can't keep their eyes off each other
  • Mack tells Lela to change the movie
  • Mack gives Lela a Save the Beach bracelet with the friendship forever emblem
  • They hold hands
  • At the end of That's How We Do, Lela holds up the bracelet and winks at Mack

Other Names

Lekenzie (Le/la and Mc/kenzie)

Lack (L/ela and M/ack)

Lelack ( Lel/a and M/ack)

Mela (M/ack and L/ela)

Mackla (Mack and Le/la)



  • They are both female
  • They both love the beach
  • They both are friends with Brady and Tanner
  • They both love school
  • They are both very smart
  • They both want to live life to the fullest
  • They both want to take charge of their destiny


  • Mack has brown hair and Lela has black hair
  • Mack has brown eyes and Lela has blue eyes
  • Lela is from the movie world and Mack is from the real world
  • Mack is taller than Lela

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