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Basic Information



16 or 17 (possibly)




Unnamed mother (deceased)


Antoinette (Aunt)
Big Poppa (Grandfather)


Brady (Boyfriend)
Tanner (Former crush)


Lela (Best/Close Friend)
Alyssa (Best Friend)
Tanner (Close Friend)
Brady (Boyfriend)
Chee Chee

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:

Maia Mitchell

Mckenzie, better known as Mack, is the protagonist of Teen Beach Movie and the deuteragonist of Teen Beach 2. Her character's storyline begins with her being transported into a movie, Wet Side Story, with her boyfriend Brady. There she falls into the arms of the male lead, Tanner, changing the movie's storyline and making him fall in love with her. She is portrayed by Maia Mitchell.


Teen beach movie trailer capture 11

Mack finds Wet Side Story ridiculous.

Mack is first seen surfing with her boyfriend, Brady. She tries to tell him that she's leaving with her aunt multiple times, but he always changes the subject before she can do so. The two race to her grandpa's house, and watch a bit of Big Poppa's favorite musical, Wet Side Story, of which Brady is obsessed with. Mack, however, finds it ridiculous, because, according to her, they sing for no reason, their hair never gets wet, the girls don't surf as good as the boys, and they sing for no reason. She repeats the first one because she still doesn't see why it happens.

Teen beach movie trailer capture 22

Mack explaining the deal she made with her aunt to Brady.

Their fun, however, ends, when Mack's aunt, Antoinette, arrives. She informs Mack that they leave the next day. She explains to Brady this was what she was trying to tell him. She also tells him it was her choice, and she chose to do so because her mother wanted her to be successful in life, and she believes the only way to do so is to go to this school, something her mother never got to do. Before she leaves, she breaks up with Brady, because she cares about him and doesn't want him to wait for her.

Teen beach movie trailer capture 32

Mack falling off her board.

The next day, two hours before her flight leaves, she takes her Big Poppa's board to a surfing competition. The waves start getting rough, and Brady tells her to get back in, but Mack refuses, only to get knocked over by a huge wave. Brady dives in and makes an attempt to save her, but she claims she didn't need his help. The two make their way back to the beach, only to find that they've now been transported into Wet Side Story. While Brady is ecstatic, Mack wants to get back to modern day time as soon as possible so she can get to her flight.

Teen beach movie trailer capture 76

Mack having accidentally fallen into Tanner's arms.

When the scene magically changes to night time, Mack is still concerned about getting out of the movie and is about to leave Big Momma's, when she finds herself in the arms of the leading male character, Tanner. Since she fell into his arms instead of Lela, he falls for her, and the same with the leading female character, Lela, and Brady. Mack is now very concerned about leaving, so she and Brady sneak into Les Camembert's lair, and Brady explains to her that Lela and Tanner find out Les Camebert's plan, unite the surfers and bikers, and stop him. This gives her and Brady an idea, try to get Lela and Tanner to fall for each other. However, this plan turns out to be harder than they thought. 

Like Me (124)

Mack at Lela's slumber party.

Not sure what to do, she asks Brady what happens next. He tells her that the biker girls have a pajama party, so Mack gets herself invited. However, just before she heads over, she and Brady witness her swim shirt magically vanish. At the party, Lela and the other biker girls choose what they wear hoping that they will attract boys, but Mack tells them that they shouldn't dress for boys, but for themselves. However, by the end of the pajama party, the biker girls have dressed Mack like a typical biker girl, much to her discomfort.

Surfing with Tanner

Mack surfing with Tanner.

When she reunites with Brady, she starts to worry about if they can't get Lela and Tanner together, they could be stuck in the movie forever. She still believes that surfing and having fun is not what her mom wanted her to do. Mack decides to get Lela and Tanner to know each other as people, so she spends the day with Tanner, and the night with Lela. While doing so, Tanner admits to her his feelings about the rivalry between the surfers and the bikers, and Lela admits to her she's always wanted to surf.

Teen beach movie trailer capture 110

Mack breaking into song.

The next day, she meets up with Tanner, who gives her a flower garland. She leads him in the direction of Lela and meets up with Brady again. However, when she falls into the water, her hair doesn't get wet. She and Brady start to break into song, and no matter how hard she tries, she can't stop. When they do stop, however, Les Camembert appears with his sidekick, Dr. Fusion, and takes them captive before they can get Lela and Tanner to fall for each other.

Finally together

Mack and Brady pleased everything's back on track.

Les Camembert ties Mack and Brady to his weather machine and leaves to try to stop the bikers and surfers, who have been united. While still tied up, Mack slowly begins to realize that she shouldn't go off to the school Antoinette wants her to go to, because that's not what she really wants to do. She comes to understand that she should always follow her heart, and she shouldn't grow up so fast, of which Brady agrees with. Lela, Tanner, and the other bikers and surfers arrive at the lighthouse and free Mack and Brady. Together, they destroy Les Camebert's machine, and escape before it blows up.

Surf's Up (83)

Mack performing Surf's Up.

Mack appears with Brady in front of Big Momma's, as the movie has gotten back on track. Before Mack leaves, Lela gives her the necklace she'd always worn. Together, she and Brady another wave on her grandpa's surfboard, and return to the real world, where no time has passed. When the two get back to shore, Antoinette appears, complaining that they are late for the flight, but Mack tells her that she'd rather stay there, and what her mom meant was that she wanted Mack to be happy doing what she did. Antoinette reluctantly agrees, and Mack ends the movie performing Surf's Up with Brady.


Oxygen (178)

Mack with Brady at the beach.

Smart, confident, and determined, Mack normally takes the lead in when there's a problem. She will do what other people do, but would rather follow her own heart. She loves spending time surfing and hanging out with her boyfriend, Brady. She also doesn't seem to be a fan of musicals.

It is revealed that Mack's mother died in events previous to Teen Beach Movie. She is living with her grandfather. Her father is never mentioned in the movie. Mack's mother always wished for Mack to be successful in life and that she isn't pulled through life, but marches through it.



(Main Article: Malyssa)
Best Friend

Alyssa and Mack Teen Beach 2 Promotional Picture

Mack and Alyssa are best friends in the real world.


(Main article: Tackenzie)
Close Friend

Teen beach movie trailer capture 92

Mack uncomforted by Tanner's love for her.

Mack and Tanner are on friendly terms and like to hang out together for the fun of it. Mack understands Tanner in some ways, such as when he told his thoughts on the biker and surfer rivalry. It reminded her of her thoughts of leaving to the prestigious school her aunt wishes for going to attend. However, as much as she liked being with Tanner, he is known to annoy, confuse, and not comfort her.


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Oxygen (146)

Mack having pulled an innocent prank on Brady.

Being in a relationship, Mack and Brady have been close throughout their summer vacation. The two care for each other and don't want to see the other hurt or upset. They often engage in various recreational activities and enjoy having fun with each other, and they constantly try to get home side by side. Brady and Mack give one another advice, and are willing to sacrifice much for the other's sake, and have risked lots more than once to help each other.


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Best Friend

Teen beach movie trailer capture 127

Mack smiling in the mirror with Lela.

Mack and Lela are good friends. They usually relate well, doing things together, such as spending nights at Lela's house, and Mack often gives Lela guidance. Additionally, Lela feels close enough to tell Mack her deepest secrets. However, Lela's breaking into song irritates Mack. At the end of Teen Beach Movie, Lela gives Mack a necklace with a symbol meaning "friendship forever".



Antoinette talking in her earpiece

Mack with Antoinette, who is speaking on her earpiece.

Mack is Antoinette's niece. Antoinette expects lots of things from Mack, the majority of which Mack feels forced to do. Mack does care for her aunt and wishes to impress and satisfy her, even though the things her aunt wishes to do are things she doesn't wish to do. Nonetheless, the two share a mutual compassion for one another, and they enjoy each other's company.


  • Mack's mother probably died when she was younger.
  • She thinks Wet Side Story is silly.
  • On the D-Signed Collection tags at Kohl's, her last name is revealed to be Fox, however, it is never mentioned in the movie.
  • She can sing.


We're stuck in another dimension, and your idea of a good use of time is to party?
— Mack

Tomorrow, there are these extreme conditions, I've been waiting my entire life to surf...
— Mack

Every minute I'm here, is another minute that I'm not doing what my mom wanted.
— Mack

Nooooooo! This is NOT a song!
— Mack


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