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Brack (Br/ady and M/ack) is the official romantic/friendship pairing of Brady and Mack. In both Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, Brady and Mack's relationship is seen where they are an official couple. They love and care for each other. The full ship name is Brackenzie, due to Mack being a nickname, but it can also be referred to as Brack, which would be the nickname.

Brady is portrayed by Ross Lynch and Mack is portrayed by Maia Mitchell. For the cast pairing see Raia.


In Teen Beach Movie, Brady and Mack are introduced as a close couple, boyfriend and girlfriend. Both Brady and Mack love to surf and hang out on the beach together. In the song Oxygen, they are acting very much like a couple, and they are even holding hands as they walk into the shop where Mack's grandfather is. Their relationship, however, takes a turn for a high tide when Brady learns that Mack will soon be leaving for boarding school for the upcoming school year to fulfill her late mother's wishes for her. This causes Mack and Brady to unfortunately break. On the morning of Mack's planned departure, she goes out to surf a giant wave but Brady soon has to sweep in and save her when the weather shows dangerous signs. The two are sent into a whirlwind by the wave which then mysteriously carries them right into "Wet Side Story," Brady's favorite musical movie, year 1962. Amidst the spontaneous song and dance, there's trouble in paradise -- it's bikers versus surfers for control of the local hangout. But while trying to find their way back to the real world, Mack and Brady unwittingly interfere with the movie's star-crossed plot, one that would pair a surfer, Tanner, and a biker, Lela, but instead pairs them with Mack and Brady. By the end of Mack and Brady's journey, Mack learns that she doesn't want to leave Brady and go to boarding school, in fact, she'd be completely fine with staying in the movie as long as she's with him.

In Teen Beach 2, Brady takes Mack to the place they first met three months ago. He surprised her with the Wet Side Story playing on a projector screen. While they were watching the movie Brady gave Mack sunglasses. When Brady and Mack start school they hit a rough patch. Mack is upset that Brady won't tell her what he's working while Brady is upset that Mack doesn't seem to have time for him anymore. For a duration of the movie, both Mack and Brady are upset with each other and hardly talk. At the end of the movie, Brady shows Mack what he's been working on and tells her that he was just worried that she would not respect it but Mack tells Brady that she is very proud of him and they agree to not keep secrets from each other. After they sing Meant to Be (Reprise 3), Mack and Brady get Lela and Tanner back home and the movie changed, which means Mack and Brady no longer knew each other but they soon meet again during That's How We Do and slow dance at the end of the song.

Other Names

  • BracKenzie (Bra/dy and M/cKenzie)
  • Bradie (Brad/y and McKenz/ie)
  • Brie (Br/ady and McKenz/ie)
  • Mady (Ma/ck and Bra/dy)
  • McKedy (McKe/nzie and Bra/dy)


Teen Beach Movie

  • Brady and Mack spent a whole day surfing together.
  • Brady and Mack hold hands multiple times.
  • Brady came to watch Mack surf.
  • Brady tried to save Mack.
  • Brady said that Mack looked nice.
  • Brady wanted to dance with Mack.
  • Brady tells Mack that she is the only girl he likes.
  • During Can't Stop Singing Brady holds Mack close to him.
  • Mack tells Brady that she is glad they got stuck in Wet Side Story.
  • Brady tells Mack she is braver than anyone he knows.
  • During Meant to Be Brady and Mack hold hands and lean on each other.
  • Brady and Mack hug.
  • Mack tells Brady if she needed saving she'd want it to be him.
  • Mack tells her aunt that she wants to be with Brady.

Teen Beach 2

  • Brady takes Mack to the exact place they met.
  • They celebrate their three-month anniversary
  • They watched Wet Side Story together and danced to the music
  • Brady was holding Mack close to him.
  • Brady tells Mack that he would swim to China or Hawaii for her.
  • Mack and Brady dance together.
  • Mack gives Brady bracelets for the Save The Beach Dance.
  • Mack kisses Brady on the cheek.
  • Brady promises to go to the college fair with Mack.
  • Brady is upset that Mack and him are not simpatico.
  • At the end of Gotta Be Me Brady falls into Mack's arms and says he literally fell for her.
  • Brady shows Mack the surfboards he has been working on.
  • Mack tells Brady that what he is doing is incredible.
  • Mack is upset that if Wet Side Story never existed they would have never met. She cries.
  • They sang Meant to Be and Brady turned his head like he was trying or wanting to kiss Mack
  • There was a kiss filmed for the movie, but it was cut
  • Brady puts his hand on Mack's cheek and tells her he would never forget her.
  • During Meant to Be Brady and Mack are close to each other.
  • They re-meet and fall in love all over again.
  • Mack offers to buy Brady a mango smoothie if he doesn't enjoy the movie, then says he wins either way
  • At the end of That's How We Do Mack falls into Brady's arms and the slow dance.
  • Brady dips Mack and they gaze into each other's eyes
  • Mack says, "I'm Mack" and Brady replies with, "I'm Brady", and they both smile.
  • They hug.



  • They both love surfing.
  • They both love the beach.
  • They both can sing.
  • They are both friends with Lela and Tanner.
  • They both have brown eyes.
  • They both go to Windy Bluff High School.


  • Brady is male, Mack is female.
  • Mack is a little more serious about school than Brady.
  • Brady has blond hair, but Mack has brown hair.


  • They are dating, which was revealed in the first movie.
  • Towards the end of the second movie, they forgot each other and met again, showing how they became a couple.
  • Although they are polar opposites, they love each other.
  • There was a kiss filmed for Mack and Brady, in Teen Beach 2, but it was cut from the movie because it was unscripted and the directors may not have thought it would be a good idea.


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