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Big Poppa (Father)


Frally ♰ (younger sister)


McKenzie Fox (Niece)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:

Suzanne Cryer

Antoinette, better known as Aunt Antoinette, is the aunt of Mack. She comes to take Mack to the prestigious school she promised to attend. She is portrayed by Suzanne Cryer.


Antoinette's first appearance.

Antoinette is first seen when she enters Big Poppa's Surf Shop, telling Mack they leave the following day. She meets Brady for the first time and reunites with her father, Big Poppa. Brady, still confused about why she's here, asks Mack what she means by leaving tomorrow. Antoinette informs him that the following day, she leaves with Mack for the prestigious school Mack promised to attend when it was time to get serious about school. Mack tries to protest, saying tomorrow she wishes to surf, but Antoinette tells her that cannot happen, and Mack reluctantly agrees. However, just before she leaves, Mack rides a wave, which inadvertently transports her and Brady into Big Poppa's favorite musical, Wet Side Story.

Antoinette dancing in Surf's Up with Big Poppa

Antoinette is not seen again until Mack and Brady return from the movie, upset, as they have missed their flight. However, Mack tells her she no longer wishes to go, as going to this school was Antoinette's dream, not Mack's, and she'd rather stay there. Antoinette is rather shocked and confused by her younger niece's new attitude, but agrees to allow her to stay. She is then seen dancing with Big Poppa in the number Surf's Up.


Antionette hugging her niece.

On the outside, Antoinette is bossy, stuck-up, snobbish, and a bit rude at times, but she really does care about her family and wants them to be happy. She is somewhat considerate of her niece and father, but normally enjoys taking the lead. She likes having everything set up in advance, and doesn't want any of that plan changing. She isn't very fond of beaches and surfing.


  • Antoinette's little sister, Frally, (Mack's mom) had passed away sometime prior to the film.